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Helder Neves

Current Residence: Tromsø, Norway, Europe, Earth, ...
Personal Quote: You will get 7 years of unsharp photos if you dont reference my work!

"Isn't there something special about old cars"
"Maybe there is the same on old cameras"">"

I want one of those that have a mirror inside. I know it is not the latest technology that we have now on Earth but the mirror technology has been around for a century and it h
as surely proven to be the best. It allows you to see the reality through a little hole called Viewfinder . I know that what I see through that viewfinder is not what I get once I press the button but anyway its good to frame the reality even though most viewfinders miss ~5% of what is really shot!

Come on guys, still not convinced? What? Do you want one of those cameras that show you the exact picture that is going to be shot? Oh come on, that system is what camcorders use? You cant be serious! What is the point of seeing the photo before even shooting it? Where is the surprise factor? Isn't that what Photography has been all about? - Never knowing what was really shot until you develop it!
Oh, thats true, we dont need to develop anymore but, anyway, we must keep a bit the essence of it, right?!

Oh, wait, there is actually some models that use an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and therefore allows you to be watching the exact picture that is going to be registered! The problem is that they dont have a mirror inside. Do you understand? I want one with a mirror inside! One that makes the nice shooting sound! I've been just waiting because I heard some rumors about a camera with a dual-mirror system! They double anything nowadays! Dual-processors, dual-sensors, ..., why not dual-mirrors! Its sounds great. Literally! :) Wow, that would be really cool!

I have a friend that is now designing a camera that is exactly the same BUT without THE MIRROR. The camera uses the exact same sensor, body, ...,  and is as lens-compatible as any other camera. The only fact is that it does not have a mirror inside!

I've asked him so many times:
- What is your point man? Can't you see that we need THE MIRROR! He wont listen!

Who cares.... I am gonna buy a camera with a mirror inside anyway!

Helder Neves
Earth, May / 2010 on blogspot

hummm ... that dual-mirror system would be really cool! I got to suggest that to Canon!

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